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LIQWID Demand Manager
Our LIQWID VAL (Viewable Advertising Library) engine that programmatically, without the use of manually defined ad slots, optimizes multiple and disparate revenue sources, including programmatic, network and direct.
LIQWID Demand Manager allows for easy setup and update of a waterfall-like demand package that can include a mix of different revenue sources and ad formats, including programmatic, network and direct/in-house campaigns for viewable only opportunities as they appear in the viewport of the viewer's browser.

LIQWID Demand Manager allows publishers to optionally utilize a Dutch Auction* feature in any step of the waterfall to enhance pricing while putting in the mix programmatic and direct demand. By utilizing a true Dutch Auction, (i.e. a method of selling in which the price is reduced until a buyer is found) for inventory that is entirely under the control of the Publisher with a reserve price below which the Publisher will reject any bid, only then can a Publisher re-introduce scarcity value based on price and inventory control. If there is no bid that meets a price, then no ad will be inserted without any impact to the content since there is no ad slot to be filled.

This allows for optimization of multiple revenue sources, including programmatic, network and direct. Unlike Prebid and common "above-the-fold" and "below-the-fold" ad units, LIQWID VAL importantly initiates a bidding process only at the time of the programmatically determined and reliable viewable opportunity, based on the ad size and other specific criteria.

* The Dutch auction is used extensively throughout the global financial world precisely because it does cause buyers to consider their highest price for fear of completely losing out on the opportunity.

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